What To Do About Vertigo

Vertigo And Chiropractor Treatment

Vertigo is a medical term which is also referred to spinning, revolving, and dizziness .It is mostly associated with the problem of brain disorders.

The sensations and symptoms that can cause dizziness are many, among which are the dizziness , inability to bear weight on their own, the need to grab something solid able to hold our weight; this can result in nausea, vomiting, tachycardia, and more or less long been very unpleasant physical duration depending on the type of vertigo.

Dizziness can have more than one cause that can makes crises:

What are the causes of vertigo?

Balance is the result of the interaction of multiple systems: ear, eye, neck muscles and brain. A disturbance of one or more of these systems, it can create problems that result in a deficit balance control and, consequently, the appearance of vertigo.The vertigo that derives from pathology due to an ear of the microcirculation vascular problem, by an alteration of liquids or from the acoustic nerve pathology.


It ‘always good to get to the bottom of the causes that can cause dizziness. Among them we list:

  • Meniere’s disease(inner ear fluid increase in the area called labyrinth);
  • Labirintoliasi(formation of small stones in the maze);
  • Neuronite vestibular(reduction of a sudden unilateral vestibular nerve);

Symptoms and causes of vertigo

The dizziness are characterized firstly by a false sense of rotation: in so-called objective vertigo are the surrounding objects that seem to turn in swirling fashion; in subjective vertigo, however, it is the person who feels unstable.

  • To this unpleasant and unsettling sensation you may be associated with other symptoms, such as:
  • nausea
  • tachycardia
  • sweating
  • anxiety
  • headache
  • Depression

Chiropractor Vertigo Treatment in Kissimmee

Chiropractic can help dizziness resulting from a misalignment of the cervical spine and poor posture, but also those who have other origins. This is because the spine contains the nervous system, and from it radiates the nerves that carry vital energy to the organs and cells of the body. Therefore, the spinal curves and the vertebrae are in the right position, there is less interference in the flow of nervous energy, so it’s best to work the entire body. In more simple words: even of dizziness due you can benefit from chiropractic treatments, because the latter improve the general wellbeing of the body and its ability to react to infections and diseases.

We operate at 360 degrees, using:

The chiropractic adjustments: carried out by chiropractors through the use of the hands or of special tools such as the activator, redirect the vertebrae in the correct position.

The postural traction: carried out both here in the studio and at home through the use of specific machinery and accessories, favors the recovery of correct spinal curves

The postural exercises: These are formulated according to the specific patient and assist the work of adjustment and traction

The improvements lifestyle: drink water, eat healthy, limit stress and sleep in the correct position are just three examples of behaviors that promote healing of the body and the achievement of a comprehensive and lasting well-being.

The chiropractic, so 100% natural, can also be a definitive solution for dizziness and instability problems

  • Scholars have examined a US survey of 2008 from which the following findings emerged:
  • 11% of respondents reported having vertigo or other balance problems;
  • 35% of patients with symptoms related to dizziness and balance problems were over 65;
  • 7% of patients over 65 turned to a chiropractor, bringing the highest success rate;
  • 84% of patients over 65 have enlisted the help of a physician, but the success rate of the treatment proved to be the lowest.