What a Kissimmee Chiropractor Can Help

The term “chiropractic” comes from two Greek words: “cheir” ie hand and “praxis” that action. Chiropractic is, therefore, a curative treatment that is done by hand. The basic principle of chiropractic care is the person, not the symptom.

The chiropractic is a treatment which is carried out through the use of the hands. Through manipulation and manual adjusting techniques, correcting spinal disorders to return to the whole body balance. Chiropractic is based on one of the cornerstones of modern medicine: the body has the innate ability to find and maintain a state of balance, without having to resort to invasive treatments. Chiropractic claims that the body of a person should not add anything (eg drugs) nor to take anything away (resorting to surgery).

These interventions, in fact, can interfere with the natural processes of finding a balance that the body itself enacts. This discipline urges the body’s innate ability to return to equilibrium. This is why chiropractic care can be defined as a system is not disease, but the balance of a person.

The individual, in turn, is not conceived as a set of separate bodies, but as a unit in which all the functions are closely linked together. The chiropractic is essentially aimed at the removal of the subluxation, namely interference neuro-physiological that exerts a negative effect on the body’s vital force and its balance. The chiropractor, who has scientific knowledge and rational behavior learned in the course of his studies, promotes healing by removing the subluxation.

The difference with other methods

There is confusion between the chiropractic and other methods like osteopathy, physiatrist and physiotherapy, which have in common the well-being of the individual. Chiropractic can be approached in part of osteopathy. It also treats the correcting the health throughout the body. However Physiotherapy and physical medicine are different because they are part of traditional medicine and do not include the use of surgical methods and medications.

Chiropractic is suitable for children And ALL Ages

It is useful for all ages. Yes, even the youngest children can benefit greatly. A study in Denmark found that infants undergoing chiropractic treatment have shorter and less intense colic. The International Association of Chiropractic Pediatrics (ICPA) indeed recommends subjecting children to an audit by the chiropractor since the early days of life.

Chiropractic Treatment In Kissimmee Can Always Help Athletes?

Yes, this discipline can help all those who engage in sports activities, whether professional or do sports for fun. The practice is useful in two ways: on the one hand reduces the risk of accidents and their consequences, on the other hand improves performance because it brings balance in muscles throughout the body. Top Level Sports Teams, they have placed the figure of chiropractic within its staff.

What is the role of chiropractic?

It belongs to the category of conservation work, which does not involve surgery. Even in United States it is increasingly emerging as an aid to recover the functional efficiency in case of hernia and other forms of low back pain. It should however be remembered that the hernia requires a particular skill, a technique of adjustment. In addition to the treatment of the disorder in itself, chiropractic is also indicated after a surgery of hernia repair itself, both for a faster recovery is to avoid the danger that the hernia will reform.