Top five places to eat in Kissimmee

Part of the Orlando metropolitan area, Kissimmee is a very gorgeous and popular city called Kissimmee. My cousin has lived in Orlando for about ten years, and he loves it. I am sure he has been to Kissimmee many times, and he might have even been to one of the restaurants I’m going to tell you about. There are going to be five featured restaurants in this article about Kissimmee FL.

I’m going to open up with a restaurant called The Catfish Place. You can find it on 13th Street, and the catfish looks great. Now I’m a catfish fan, but not all restaurants cook it to my liking. You can call me picky, but quite a lot of people say that about catfish. This restaurant is popular, and it’s named after catfish, so you can assume you would be eating some great catfish at this place. They also serve up frog legs, shrimp, hush puppies and other seafood.

Next up in the great city of Kissimmee is a place called Flippers Pizza. Boy does that pizza look good, too. To me, the pictures make it look like they put extra cheese on each slice. That’s a winner in my book because I love cheese. You can find Flippers Pizza on West Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway. As a matter of fact, the reviews even mention that the place puts plenty of cheese on your pizza. I wonder what extra cheese would look like!

Norman’s is next, and this restaurant is found on Central Florida Parkway. Technically with an Orlando address, this establishment is a favorite of those living in Kissimmee. I am sure that a lot of things in Orlando are a favorite of Kissimmee residents. Norman’s has a tasting menu, so let that tell you what type of restaurant it is as you plan out a nice evening dinner. This is a place with a less casual atmosphere. Perhaps you can go there on a date and kiss in Kissimmee.

Okay, going to take things down a notch. I’m sure that’s not the first time you have heard that expression about kissing in Kissimmee. Woodsby’s Countryside Cafe is the next featured establishment, and it is on South Orange Blossom Trail. The home cooking plated at this restaurant looks absolutely delicious. I think this or the pizza place is my favorite so far.

There is one more restaurant to take a look at though for this piece. Let’s go to a steakhouse. The place is called Manny’s Original Chophouse, and it can be found on the same road as Flippers Pizza. You can have prime rib, chicken, ribs, different steak choices and so much more. It looks like this is the epitome of what you would expect from a classic steakhouse.

To top it off, Kissimmee has a fantastic family market with all natural produce and meat for those that prefer the healthiest side of things.

Enjoy these five restaurants in Kissimmee FL. They are fine picks for sure. I still say that the pizza place or the cafe would get my first visit. How about you? It’s hard to pick when they all look so good, right?