Struggling With Sciatica?

Struggling With Sciatica and chiropractic treatment

Back pain is a symptom, not a disease, and in most cases the back pain problems are caused by an alteration of normal mobility of joints that regulate the function of the spine. Once you recovered the normal movement, back pain can be greatly lessened.

Sciatica is a serious disorder caused by a biomechanical irritation of the sciatic nerve. The sciatic pain can be felt in any area of the nerve: hip, thigh, calf, foot. Typical symptoms of sciatica include pain, tingling, poor circulation, lack of strength to the ankle and foot and altered sensations. The sciatica is a symptom of another health problem. The pain is felt in the following points:

  • back , in the lower part;
  • the back of the thigh;
  • the back of ‘ hip ;
  • the calf;
  • under the plant foot ;
  • Long toes.


The following are the most common causes that cause inflamed sciatic nerve:

  • compression or damage to the nerves that exit the spine ;
  • a herniated disc ;
  • bad posture ;
  • pregnancy ;
  • performs syndrome ;
  • Sedentary life;
  • blunt force trauma to the vertebrae ;
  • tumor sciatic nerve;
  • spondylolisthesis .


The main symptom of sciatica is the severe pain that is felt from the lumbar (low back pain) and then causes problems in certain areas to the foot.

More precisely, the sciatic pain generally affects only one side of the body and the lower back part affects on the back, lateral, thigh, hip, leg and foot.

Besides pain may present other disorders caused by sciatic as numbness, tingling, numbness (especially the toes or part of it) and difficulties in controlling the movements of the leg .

In some cases, the problems relate only to more limited areas: the symptoms may occur, for example, only in the buttock or above the knee, as in other cases may only be of to the calf and the foot. The negative feelings are caused by an inflammation of the sciatic nerve and the symptoms, may increase when you remain seated for a long time or during sudden movements such as sneezing and coughing.

Why choose Sciatica chiropractic treatment In Kissimmee

The chiropractor, after careful examination and neurophysiologic analysis of X-rays, reduces the irritation of the nerves with a specific adjustment in the affected area, thus reducing the painful symptoms and promoting a faster recovery.

The point that we want to invite you to ponder is that before entering the operating room, with all the risks that this choice, you can opt for a non-invasive treatment. In this study, in fact, more than half of patients that have undergone, chiropractic treatment has proved as surgery. Based on these results, the researchers concluded that patients with sciatica caused by lumbar disc hernia ion should think of chiropractic adjustments as a first choice treatment.

We begin to see what movements need to be avoided if you suffer from sciatica.
While you sleep, there is no fixed guideline on ideal positions to take. In general, the best thing to do is try to sleep on your side, with the head aligned with the pelvis (and not bent forward) and with a sufficiently high pillow because the neck is straight.

When pain arises, however, depending on the involved joints, different positions can give relief as the advice we can give is, therefore, to find yourself in the position where you feel better.

A position that usually helps is as follows:

  • Lying on your back after you have placed a chair in front of you;
  • He raises the legs and slowly, keeping the knees bent at 90 degrees, puts his feet on the chair.
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