Here Are Some Restaurants To Enjoy In Kissimmee FL

What do you know about the city of Kissimmee FL? Have you heard of Kissimmee St. Cloud? If you didn’t know, this area is part of the Orlando metropolitan area, and it’s location is pretty central in the state of Florida, central and a little to the east to be exact. It is a great spot, and I want to introduce you to some of the wonderful restaurants there.

It’s interesting because I don’t know if you’re familiar with Publix as a supermarket, but one of the top travel sites has that place listed as a top restaurant in Kissimmee FL. Well, it’s not a restaurant, but I can tell you some good ones. First up is Jimmy Bears Barbecue, and it is on Pennsylvania Avenue. I am always in the mood for some good barbecue, aren’t you?

If you’re going to be living in Kissimmee, you might as well also travel into Orlando. And, you might also want to take note of that Publix as a good supermarket to visit. Of course, you might have already been to Orlando many times, and perhaps you want to escape the hustle and bustle and just enjoy Kissimmee St. Cloud this time around. You are planning on living there after all. By the way, Kissimmee and St. Cloud are two different cities, so you can do both. They are both smaller areas and both sound relaxing to me.

Aside from Jimmy Bears Barbecue, there is a place called Sweet Tomatoes. Now, before I get into more information about this restaurant, I want to tell you that there are over 500 restaurants in the area. That’s quite a few for a city with a population of approximately 70,000 people. St Cloud, on the other hand, has just shy of 100 restaurants.

Sweet Tomatoes is on Rolling Oaks Boulevard, and the pictures of the foods served there look delicious. Did you think it was a pizza place? It’s not, and the menu is more eclectic than anything if you ask me. Some of the foods served up there are pasta, baked potatoes, pudding and ice cream, among other things. At the mention of pasta, you might have already been thinking Italian food, but it is labeled as American cuisine with vegetarian friendly options.

While I’m at it, vegetarian friendly options doesn’t necessarily mean that a restaurant has the best choices. You really do want to get familiar with a menu if you are vegan or vegetarian. Now, if you do want some good pizza, then one of the best pizza places mentioned for Kissimmee, Florida is actually technically in Orlando. It is called Blaze Pizza.

Blaze Pizza is located on East Buena Vista Drive, and one of the menu highlights is blood orange lemonade. Now that might sound a little strange, but it’s the unique menu items that can make a restaurant. This will certainly be some good pizza, too, as it says it’s actually the 6th ranked establishment in all of Orlando, let alone Kissimmee FL. It is making me hungry for pizza, so if you will excuse me I’m going to make one. You on the other hand can go visit Blaze Pizza while you are living in the city of Kissimmee has to offer.