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Health & Spine Medical Center Dr. Del Rio treats neck pain, back pain, sciatica, carpal tunnel, sport related injuries, migraines, and whiplash pain from car accidents. If you have been or currently are suffering with pain and are looking for relief then you need to visit the top Chiropractor in Kissimmee. Our Chiropractic office offers the latest technology of non-surgical treatment for a variety of conditions . Visit Kissimmee state of the art Chiropractic center by calling (407) 931-3700. Alternatively you can send us an email at or visit the website for more information – Dr Del Rio created his chiropractic office to provide a service for people suffering with neck pain, back pain, sport injuries, work related injuries and pain from being involved in a car accident amongst many other health related issues. A chiropractor role is to provide a form of healthcare that involves decreasing the pressure on the nerves to improve the communication and function of your body. It is not only very safe but it is also an effective way to allow the healing function of your body to work properly whilst also improving the quality of life. Our mission is to provide the highest quality health care with the most relevant information that will change your life and the way you view your health. If have questions related to health then please give our office a call or visit our website to receive your free complimentary consultation to see how we can help you -
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Luis Del Rio
Health and Spine Medical Center
I have been receiving Chiropractic adjustments since 1987. However, its taken 12 years to finally find a good Chiropractor in Kissimmee. Dr. Del Rio is not only knowledgeable, but truly listens & administers the proper treatments. I found someone that isn't trying to sell you something and / or cause you to make more visits than needed, especially for those like me that have to pay out of pocket. His Staff (Alma, Allie & Lizander) are gems, they are very helpful and make patients feel welcome, a rare things these days. I thank GOD for leading me to Infinite Health & Spine Center.
Date published: 2/17
5 / 5 stars

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