Information On Disc Injury

A disc injury is distressing and one of the most painful medical concerns a patient can go through.

This article will pinpoint the disc’s role and what an injury can lead to.

Role of Spinal Disc

Let’s start with the most important question, and that’s “what’s the purpose of a spinal disc?”

In general, the spinal disc is in place to act as a shock absorber. It holds the spine together and makes sure nearby vertebrae don’t bang against each other leading to pain. A healthy disc will make certain movement is seamless, and everything happens without discomfort.

Once water starts leaking (degenerative discs) or an injury occurs, the movement becomes restricted, and your spine doesn’t manage as well. This is where disc injuries become a point of concern.

Cause of Disc Injury

Let’s move onto the causes when it comes to a disc injury.

1) Trauma To Spine
2) General Aging of Spine (Leads to Inflexible Discs)

These are the main causes of disc injuries in the human body. It’s important to remain aware and understand what the body is going through before your condition worsens.

Symptoms of Injury

What are some of the key symptoms a patient will notice when it comes to a disc injury?

Several symptoms can pop up but each case will vary, and that’s what a doctor’s diagnosis can look into.

1) General Pain
2) Inability To Move (restricted movement)
3) Numbness/Tingling
4) Weakness
5) Arm or Leg Pain

A patient might not display all of these symptoms at once. Some tend to go through one or two symptoms while others display a few more along the way.

This is what a disc injury encompasses for those who are dealing with one. It’s best to speak to a medical professional to receive an in-depth diagnosis to alleviate underlying concerns.