Dealing With Headaches and Migraines


Dealing with Headaches and Migraines with chiropractor Treatment

Patients who suffer from headaches and migraine have symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain. The gastrointestinal symptoms are described in 96% of patients with headache; including, nausea and vomiting are the most commonly associated with migraine, as to be an integral part of the criteria for making a diagnosis. However, there are, although generally milder, even in people who suffer from tension headaches.

Nausea is very common in patients with migraine (73%), and vomiting occurs less frequently (29%).The presence of nausea and vomiting did not differ in the case of migraine with aura (62%) and without aura (66%).These symptoms may occur due to a higher activation of the autonomic nervous system. The gastrointestinal system and the brain are in constant communication with each other, so much so that we often speak of the intestine as a “second brain”.


Migraine is a recurrent disorder whose duration falls normally in the range between 4 and 72 hours (3 days); It is more common in women and usually occurs in young-adult.

The symptoms of migraine are:

    • Irritability,
    • hyperactivity,
    • insomnia,
    • euphoria,
    • yawning,
    • thirst

Chiropractic treatment of headaches and Migraine In Kissimmee

An orthopedic examination, chiropractic and kinesiology and accurate analysis of the radiographs are the first things to do. The chiropractor will want to know in detail about your symptoms and your medical case (past and present diseases, trauma, etc.). Sometimes it may take x-rays to allow him to see the conditions of your vertebral joints. Only the chiropractor will be able to run the most appropriate treatment to eliminate those headaches that disturb your existence. Chiropractic is not a medicine. The chiropractor seeks to determine the cause of the headache to be able to apply the most appropriate therapy, so the patient isn’t forced to take pain medication whose side effects can cause future problems. The essential thing is to find the cause of the headaches, so as to be able to apply appropriate treatment.

The chiropractic as a natural remedy against Headaches and migraine

When the headache is so painful, it is easy to resort with medication. But migraine always comes back and always with the same intensity. We believe it is important to know that there is a completely natural way to overcome migraine headaches: The most important thing is to become aware of the fact that migraine, as all the headaches, is the result of something that does not work for a long time (or it does not work the best) in our body. The purpose of chiropractic is to figure out just where you hide this problem and solve it.

The key to a successful treatment for headaches is to find the exact cause and eliminate it. Yes, because you have to know that there are many different known causes that induce headaches .With chiropractic, you can find the specific cause of your headaches and also the remedy. We’ll talk about the different causes of headaches in the next post. But if you want to have suffered more information on chiropractic and its approach to headache, do not hesitate to contact us

Another important element that emerged from this study is that 80% of participants stress has been identified as one of the main triggering factors. For this, the assumption made by the researchers is that chiropractic is able to reduce the effects of migraine because it acts on the physical stress-related conditions. If you suffer from migraines and want to know more about chiropractic treatments, contact us at here in kissimme. We will be happy to answer your questions and introduce you to a completely natural way to fight your headaches.

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