Have You Been In A Car Accident?

A whiplash can cause a misalignment of the Atlas vertebra or aggravate an existing misalignment.

They are called “whiplash”all those traumas that arise from a violent movement of the cervical spine, back and forth. Whiplash injuries can be caused by car accidents, violent trauma received by sport or a trivial fall.

According to the American authority for occupational safety and health administration, 47% of children fall head first to make the first year of age. Children 2-5 years old have already fallen at least 200 times, while at the age of 10 years, have suffered more than 1,500 injuries of various kinds

Beyond these diagnoses, it proved rather totally unknown why after a whiplash may develop chronic pain.

  • You have suffered a whiplash injury and no doctor was able to diagnose the cause of chronic disorders that torment you now?
  • Have you tried every possible treatment without being able to solve the problem?
  • Your doctor will have to undergo x-rays and / or MRI , he has made you all analyzes possible trying to reassure you by saying that it is structurally okay?
  • Despite doctor’s reassurances, your problems get worse, you find yourself stuffed with painkillers or even drugs (antidepressants).

What exactly happens during a whiplash injury?

Many people who have suffered a whiplash injury and having conventional treatments are not completely healed; often have the feeling that, despite all examinations within their necks there is something wrong. The neck is simply not the same as before!

And that in most cases is true: the Atlas, often already misaligned from birth, after a whiplash can further rotate and / or move sideways.

This situation leads to the compression of the spinal cord, vertebral artery, carotid artery, and lymphatic vessels of different channels: all consequences practically impossible to diagnose through the usual instrumental investigations.

Complaints after whiplash

Some of the possible symptoms or ailments after a whiplash injury are:

  • strong pain in muscles in the neck and shoulders
  • feeling of heavy head
  • headache, muscle tension , headaches overwhelming
  • migraine
  • tingling in the face or arms
  • fatigue, lack of sensation
  • sight and hearing disorders
  • problems of concentration and memory
  • sleep disorders
  • insecurity and anxiety
  • irritability, increased sensitivity to noise
  • weakness, severe reduction in efficiency
  • vertigo, dizziness, unsteadiness
  • burnout syndrome
  • depression , grief.


  • nausea
  • cervical pain
  • headache
  • vertigo and dizziness
  • vision disorders

Chiropractic Treatment of Whiplash In Kissimmee

When it comes to whiplash it does not refer to a disease as it could be osteoarthritis; it is merely a description of how it occurred a lesion that is usually due to a trauma suffered at the level of the spinal column in his cervical spine.

The Best chiropractor Treatment of Whiplash in Kissimmee Florida For you

Each accident or trauma causes a decrease in mobility and an alteration of the normal spine dynamics. Often it is an asymptomatic condition but in case of whiplash injury, it is often painful because of the delicate anatomy of the neck. No analgesic or sedative can restore the vertebrae to their normal mobility. Although patients are very stuck and painful they may be treated using softer techniques without waiting steps inflammation.

The chiropractic adjustment, especially if supported by a kinesiology treatment in the muscles, it is most useful because it brings back the vertebrae in their normal position. In the most difficult cases we must also check the occlusion of teeth carefully. More important is the maintenance of correction obtained: appropriate exercise can help permanently solve the problem.

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