Do You Have Shoulder Pain?

The shoulder pain is usually caused by an incorrect position of the shoulder which puts pressure on the nerves and tendons of the rotator cuff. Over time this leads to the shoulder become inflamed and can be the cause of   injury to the shoulder or tendinitis. At the same time, you need to understand that all   the nerves that control the shoulder joint are straight from the cervical spine and upper thoracic spine. So a chiropractor will also test   the upper cervical or thoracic spine as a possible cause.

There are three movements that can make the shoulder:

  • – supply;
  • – abduction;
  • – Rotation.

Shoulder pain is a very common disorder that can result from different causes so to act on the pain; you should contact your doctor who must understand the precise cause of the pain.

The pain can affect different parts of the shoulder:

  • The outer side of the shoulder;
  • The back of the shoulder;
  • The front part of the shoulder;
  • The upper part of the shoulder.

To heal the pain in his shoulder; it is recommended: rest from sports activities, the application of ice, targeted exercises for the shoulder and rehabilitation sessions.


Shoulder pain can have several causes and can occur in different regions of the shoulder. Going into detail:

  • PAIN ON THE OUTSIDE: mainly concerns the rotator cuff and may result from a tendonitis , by a bursitis or the syndrome of the rotator cuff ;
  • PAIN IN THE BACK: concerns mainly the trapeziums muscle can result from a bursitis, from a muscle contracture , from a fracture to the scapula and the presence of the trigger-point ;

PAIN IN FRONT: mainly refers to the biceps and may result from a tendonitis, by jerking the tendon, or by impingement, from the dislocated shoulder, arthritis;

PAIN IN THE UPPER: mainly concerns the ligaments and muscles and may be affected by a dislocated shoulder, an inflammation or muscle tears or damage to the bone or cartilage.


When you suffer from shoulder pain, you should contact your doctor to identify the cause so as to follow a targeted care. In general there are some useful remedies to follow:

  • rest;
  • break from sports training;
  • it is not recommended to play tennis and lift weights;
  • need to apply ice on the painful area;
  • Apply specific creams;
  • carry out infiltration of cortisone (only in the presence of certain diseases);
  • do rehabilitation exercises for the shoulder (to run after signs of physical therapist);
  • carry out the acupuncture sessions;
  • Assume a posture appropriate.

Why chiropractic care for shoulder pain In Kissimmee is Reliable for you

Through a comprehensive medical history and the use of functional muscle tests, our experienced chiropractor doctors are able to trace the origin of the dysfunction that causes pain, rather than treat the area that hurts. Vertebral manipulations and shoulder, muscle tone exercising muscles, synergy of the rotator cuff, are included in the chiropractic therapy. This chiropractic care has the ultimate goal to allow the shoulder optimum functionality within the physiological limits.

The chiropractor is able to recognize the different causes of problems and immediately treat the patient to another specialist, for indication of the type of disease. However, many of shoulder dysfunction causes have an origin biomechanics. Often, only after trying all kinds of traditional therapy (and have long suffered unnecessarily), the patient ends up in the office of a chiropractor and solves its problems.


The benefits of chiropractic care for shoulder pain In Kissimmee

It corrects the misalignment of the column and from the shoulder.
It increases mobility and helps recover the flexibility of the shoulder girdle.
It decreases the shoulder chronic pain.
It helps to strengthen the rotator cuff to improve the performance of those who play golf or tennis.

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