A Day In Kissimmee FL

If you plan on visiting Kissimmee Florida, then you will want to know what kind of things you can do while there. Even if you’re only going to spend a short amount of time there, you can do a lot. With that said, here’s what you can do in just a day in Kissimmee FL.

1. Shingle Creek Regional Park- Going to Shingle Creek Regional park is one of the best things to do first thing in the morning or when you want to end your day. You can easily spend a few hours here, and still have plenty of time to explore the rest of the city’s attractions or you can spend an entire day here. Some of the activities you’re able to do at Shingle Creek Regional Park include biking, paddling, picnicking and bird watching to name a few. Walking around the park is fun too, but make sure you bring a camera so you can take a few photos while there.

2. Old Town- One of the best things about Old Town is it is an amusement park and outdoor mall rolled into one. Old Town has been around since 1986 and since then it has grown to become one of the most popular attractions in the city. This theme park sits on 18 acres and it features over 70 different types of shops and restaurants, and there are live events that take place weekly, and they are completely free. There’s also a number of rides for guests to enjoy, and it is a great place for people of all ages.

3. Nature Tours- If you’re a fan of nature and you want to see what Kissimmee has to offer, then you’re in luck because there are many tour operators that offer nature tours. Different tours offer different things, but almost all tours are good and you can expect to see the wilderness in a way you didn’t think possible. Best of all, nature tours are one of those activities that the entire family can enjoy together. If you want to see what kind of wilderness Kissimmee has to offer, then make sure you do a nature tour.

4. The Loop- You can either spend a day shopping and dining at The Loop or spend a few hours and then check out other attractions in the city. The Loop offers many different types of shops you can check out, and there is a movie theater located on site, so after you shop and eat, you can watch a film. One of the best things about The Loop is there are many stores there and it doesn’t matter what type of budget you have, there is a store for you, as well as restaurants for all types of budgets.

Bear in mind there are a lot of other things you can do in Kissimmee. However, if you are only going to be there for a day or two, then make sure to do the above. You will love doing those things and you will want to go back to Kissimmee time after time.