Scoliosis Remedy

The scoliosis is a deformity of the spine that occurs with a lateral curvature and a rotation of the vertebral bodies.

There are different types of scoliosis according to the point where it locates:

  • – lumbar scoliosis;
  • – back-lumbar scoliosis;
  • – Scoliosis backbone;

How to recognize a back with scoliosis? 

The scoliosis spine is curved on itself and deformed in the three directions of space. The consequences are asymmetries of the shoulders, shoulder blades and hips. When the person leans forward you can see a hump scoliosis that can be dorsal, lumbar spine, or lower back, depending on the part of the affected column. For the diagnosis is made an X-ray of the spine and then quantifies the inclination of the vertebrae which is measured in degrees Cobb. There is talk of scoliosis if it exceeds 10 ° Cobb.


The causes of scoliosis are numerous and among them we find the birth defects of the spine (present from birth, is hereditary, is caused by environmental factors), genetic disorders, neuromuscular problems and limb length inequality. Other causes of scoliosis may be cerebral palsy, spine bifida, muscular dystrophy, spinal muscular atrophy and cancer. However, the causes of more than 80% of scoliosis cases are not known.


The symptoms of scoliosis vary from individual to individual..However, below are the most common symptoms are listed:

  • Shoulders at a different height (a scapula more prominent than the other)
  • head in position not directly compared to the central basin
  • raised hip and prominent
  • coasts at different heights
  • uneven hips
  • variations in color and texture of the skin covering the spine
  • inclination of the entire body to one side
  • Prominence of the coast as you lean.


To recover from scoliosis is necessary to contact a qualified doctor who can assess the severity of the case and recommend the right treatment.

In general:

  • If scoliosis has a curve up to 15-20 ° is not expected any therapy, but you need to carry out physical activity to strengthen the par spinal muscles and to re-educate the posture; it is recommended to carry out periodic checks to keep under control the curvature of the back.
  • If scoliosis has a curve above 20 ° to 30-35 ° it is necessary to wear a back brace (Milwaukee, pinstripes, Lyons, etc.) This serves to correct the posture. They also recommended the sessions of physical therapy and electrical stimulation.
  • If scoliosis presents a curve over the 35-40  : it is necessary to surgically intervene to lock the deformities in order to avoid respiratory or neurological complications.

Why Chiropractic Treatment of Scoliosis Is Best Option for You In Kissimmee

The main purpose of the visit is to classify the type of scoliosis to decide the most appropriate treatment to follow, and acquire data in order to control the evolution of the problem. The first phase is an observation from the back, the patient’s side and front. This is performed with the patient standing with the naked torso and with the aid of a plumb line. You may notice differences of the horizontal level of the shoulders, shoulder blades, iliac crests; asymmetries of the triangles of the size and curvature of the line of the spinouts’ processes of the vertebral column.

Chiropractic treatments have considerable success in correcting the cause of the dysfunction responsible for the deviation of the spine. In major cases, spinal manipulation is the most suitable, sometimes therapy just enter a booster seat 3 / 5mm in the shoe from the side of the leg “short”, but we can find out if your leg is really short, or if the dock to be rotation only and exclusively with an X-ray in the upright position (in feet) of the basin. Rarely the differences in leg length goes beyond the centimeter.The main task of the Doctor of Chiropractic is tocontrol the posture of children and classifies scoliosis as well as refer the patient when appropriate. Chiropractic deals with the prevention, examination and diagnosis of diseases, especially of functional disorders and posture of the spine, pelvis and of all joints of the human body.

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