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I have been attending Neuropathy & Knee Pain Relief Center for 2 visits. I am already feeling better with my knee problems. I have […]


I have been dealing with my lower back pain, knee pain, swollen knees, muscle cramps and stiffness for about 10 years. This was affecting […]

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Kissimmee Auto Accident Patient “Dr. Del Rio was my 3rd chiropractor in 6 months post motorcycle accident. He listened, he asked questions, he got […]

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About Chiropractic

Chiropractic is a revolutionary discipline of medicine which focuses on the proper diagnosis and treatment of the musculoskeletal system disorders. Chiropractic is mainly and mostly concerned with the disorders of spine. Health & Spine Medical Center of Kissimmee offers unparalleled Chiropractic care to the people who have tried almost all other kinds of treatments for their spinal injuries, displacements or pain. The very notion of Chiropractic lies in the fact that human nervous system controls the whole human body and if it is not working properly, the human body will not be at peace. Our state of the art Chiropractic treatment facility is the best Chiropractor in Kissimmee.

Dr Del Rio, the founder of Health & Spine Medical Center of Kissimmee believes that spinal misalignments, injuries and pain can even cause unrest in those parts of human body which are not directly linked with spinal cord. At Health & Spine Medical Center Chiropractor Kissimmee, we believe that a drug-free and side-effects free treatment of spinal misalignments can be made possible by gentle and careful adjustment of bones. Once the spine is in order, the human nervous system starts working properly and it naturally heals the body. While chiropractic is mostly linked with nervous system and spine, once applied properly, it takes care of very serious health issues e.g. arthritis, sports injuries, headaches, backbone pain and carpal tunnel etc.

The best thing about chiropractic treatment is that it does not require drugs with many serious side-effects or life-threatening surgeries. It is based on the notion that a wrong can be undone and everything can be fixed. That is, if there is a person who is in pain because of spinal misalignments, they do not have to go through expensive surgeries or drugs; a simple adjustment of the misaligned bones can fix the issue and provide a speedy, smooth and risk-free natural healing. Chiropractors at Health & Spine Medical Center: the best chiropractor Kissimmee Health & Spine Medical Center simply heal people with years old spinal misalignments by applying very precise force to the spine.

Our chiropractors attended chiropractic schools for 8 to 9 years, just like the medical doctors. One of the main differences is with how both types of health practitioners heal their patients. While medical doctors learn to prescribe medication, chiropractors spend their time in acing the art of fixing and adjusting the spine. Just like medical doctors, chiropractor also read a lot and they also get to specialize in their favorite area of care e.g. sports, pediatric etc.

However, chiropractic care is not all that Luis Del Rio or his fellow chiropractors in Kissimmee Health & Spine Medical Center offer. The Health & Spine Care Center in Kissimmee also offers full body massage therapy. From therapeutic to relaxation massages, we offer our customizable massage therapies to people who want to relax their nerves and spine by a thorough massage.

Apart from the massage therapy, we also provide weight-loss and nutrition counseling. We believe that one of the main reasons of spinal pain and misalignments is obesity. We listen to you and work with you to get the results that you expect. Our programs are 100% personalized and tailored to the needs of each individual client. We strive to get you the bodyline and the life quality that you crave for.

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Health Benefits of Chiropractic

To start with, chiropractic is another name of 100% restored and operational spinal cord. The health benefits of Chiropractic are simply unparalleled. Here are some of the most important health benefits of chiropractic medicine:

  • Sciatica – Who would have thought, but yes, Chiropractic treatment heals sciatica. As per a research published by The European Spine Journal, chiropractic adjustments has a 72% success rate in the treatment of sciatica.
  • Low-back pain and neck pain – As per a study which was published by British Medical Journal, 2003, as much as 183 patients of low-back pain and neck pain were made to go through general practitioner care, physiotherapy and chiropractic care, and chiropractic adjustments resulted in a very speedy recovery as compared to other treatments.
  • Headaches, tension, migraine – As per some studies, people who go through chiropractic treatment see a roughly 90% drop in the number of migraine attacks or tension-induced headaches.
  • Blood pressure – As per a 2007 study conducted by hypertension expert George Bakris, one upper cervical chiropractic adjustment’s effect equals the effect of two blood-pressure decrease drugs.
  • Neurological conditions – MRI scans show that upper cervical adjustments impact the neurological conditions of a human being. They increase the cerebral spinal fluid as well as blood flow. Most importantly, such adjustments result in disappearance of brain plaquing and cerebellar invagination being reversed.
  • Healthy spine, healthy body – Doctors believe that if nervous system and spine are not in a functional condition or there are any problems with them, whole body gets affected very soon. Chiropractors in Kissimmee FL show that chiropractic fixes the spinal or nervous problems and brings a holistic health to human body and mind.

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