4 Things You Can Do In Kissimmee FL

Kissimmee, Florida, is one of the best cities in the state. If you’ve never been there before, then you might be wondering what are some of the things you can do there. If you are, then continue to read on because we’re going to discuss the top things to do in Kissimmee FL.

1. Fun Spot- If you and your family are looking for adventure, then head over to Fun Spot. This is a theme park that is great for people of all ages. Some of the rides there includes roller coasters and go-karts, but there are also plenty of kiddie rides for the young ones to go on. There’s no shortage of arcade games at the park too.

By the way, a Skcoaster can be found there but it isn’t just any old one. It is the tallest one in the world, so feel free to ride it if you’re seeking the ultimate thrill. Besides that, you can easily spend the day walking around, eating and just having a good time.

2. Biking- One of the funnest things you can do in the city is bike, even if you’re not an experienced biker, you will love doing it here. The Shingle Creek Regional Trail is a great area to cycle in. Although the full trail is yet completed, you can still cycle in the area, and after you have done that, feel free to spend some time exploring Shingle Creek Regional park. If you love fitness related activities, then you’ll love it in Kissimmee.

3. Golfing- There’s no better place to go golfing than Kissimmee, and some of the best places to do it at include Congo River Golf, Mighty Jungle Golf, Falcon’s Fire Golf and Remington Golf Club. Whether you’re looking to play a game of golf or take the family mini-golfing, you can do it all in Kissimmee. It’s worth mentioning that people from around the state go to Kissimmee because of how much golfing they can do there. Best of all, there are golf courses that suits everyone’s budget and skill level, so it doesn’t matter if you’re completely new to golf or a veteran.

4. Shopping- Shopping is one of the most popular things to do in Kissimmee. There is the Plaza Del Sol, which is a Spanish-style marketplace that was once the Osceola Square Mall before being transformed. The marketplace has many great stuff for sale.

Also, there is the Loop, which is an outdoor shopping mall. There are many different stores here, as well as a huge movie theater. If you’re a fan of shopping, then be prepared to be amazed because you can easily spend hours at The Loop alone, as well as at the Plaza Del Sol.

Kissimmee offers an amazing shopping experience, and there’s many places to golf at. Biking is a beloved activity among the locals and tourists alike and Fun Spot is a great amusement park. The next time you are in Kissimmee, make sure you do all of those things.